On March 15th, I got a phone call that changed my life forever. My younger brother, Michael, at the age of 28, passed away after a long battle with addiction.

That good looking man in the picture right there is my younger brother, Michael. Being two years apart, we grew up very close to each other and had a wonderful childhood. Filled with our fair share of sibling rivalry, of course, but even more fun and love. Those that knew Michael, would describe him as having the biggest heart, being a hard worker, and an all around genuine individual. Everything that Michael did, he did whole-heartedly, completely, and with pride. That was his true character, and to know Michael was to love Michael. While he did struggle with addiction, he is not defined by his addiction. He is defined his compassion for others, wonderful sense of humor, and the infinite amount of love that he had for all of his family and friends. At 28 years old, Michael still had a lot of life to live. As a family, our world has changed drastically, but sadly many members in our community are experiencing the same loss with the high rise of this epidemic.

On August 21st, I will run the Falmouth Road Race with The Herren Project. I choose to honor my brother by spreading awareness of addiction and fighting for more resources to support others who are affected by the devastating disease. Please help me honor Michael by taking steps to ensure that when his niece and nephew grow older, addiction is not the epidemic that it is today.

Please visit the links about to learn more about Michael's Journey, The Herren Project and it's mission, and some information about addiction. Thank you for all of your support.

Family meant everything to Michael. He didn't like to fly, but flew to the west coast for my wedding

A man I am so proud to call my brother

One of my favorite memories; spending the day with Michael in Portland.